RBS is the nations top early High School / Middle School / Grade School talent identification and core skill development event. RBS is a one-day format that will focus on the three key areas of Foul Shooting & Form, Layups and control and small group basketball concepts. Please plan to arrive at the RBS site between 8:30am and 8:50am. Registration will take place at 9:00am. (unless event starts at later time please arrive at gym at least 30mins prior to start of event). After Registration we will take individual photos and a group photo. The RBS event will start after the group photo. For the Rising Blue Star Event you will need to bring the following: – Own Basketball with your name clearly seen on the ball. – Own Lite Lunch as we will have a 20min break between RBS and  Blue Star Combine (BSC) sessions – Own tape and wrap – If you require you ankle to be taped (We will not provide tape nor taping at the RBS events). At the end of the RBS event you will be required to return your RBS Jersey – You will receive a RBS T-Shirt in exchange for your RBS Jersey. (IF you plan to leave early – notify the staff – return your RBS Jersey & get your t-shirt). If you have post RBS event questions, please email them to: risingbluetar@aol.com (Please put RBS Question and your SITE in the subject field). We wish you a successful and productive time at your Rising Blue Star Event.