For those players who have already entered High School and for younger RBS players looking to play up, we have our Blue Star Combine. Just like Rising Blue Star, this is a series of national, one-day skills and player evaluation events, but for players already in high school, 9th-11th grade (2024-2026 classes). These events will provide a chance for players to not only showcase their ability, but also compete and hone their skills heading in to the high school season. We will evaluate all players based on the same criteria to determine how they stack up in their classes against other top players all over the country. Also, we will be inviting the top participants to play in our inaugural Blue Star Saturday All-Star event in 2023.   **All Rising Blue Star participants will have the option to sign up and stay in the afternoon to participate in the Blue Star Combine as well.**

Please plan to arrive at the site between 12:00pm and 12:15pm. Registration will take place at 12:20pm. (unless event starts at later time please arrive at gym at least 30mins prior to start of event). After Registration we will take individual photos and a group photo. The RBS event will start after the group photo. For the BlueStar Combine Event you will need to bring the following: – Own Basketball with your name clearly seen on the ball. – Own Lite Lunch as we will have a 45min break between sessions – Own tape and wrap – If you require you ankle to be taped (We will not provide tape nor taping at the events). IF you plan to leave early – notify the staff – return your Jersey & get your t-shirt). If you have post event questions, please email them to: risingbluetar@aol.com (Please put BlueStar Combine Question and your SITE in the subject field). We wish you a successful and productive time at the event.